Mini Ramp FrameI recently purchased the online version of your book "The Beginners Guide to Building Ramps" and must say I am impressed. This is the perfect book, even for someone with basic carpentry skills, looking to build a professional halfpipe. I am the father of a 12 year old skateboarder and this has become a great project for him and I to work on together. The smile has not left Cameron's face since we started attaching the joists to the halfpipe templates.

The step by step skateboard halfpipe building instructions make it very easy to follow and since we are on somewhat of a budget the ramp can be built in sections over several weekends.

Joe Gardner

skaters on a quarterpipe"The ramp plans and half pipe instructions in your book are so great and detailed that everything went perfect during the construction of the ramp. The guys are having a blast on their new ramp. Trent, Ian, Preston, and Zack are loving it!"

Thanks so much!
Eric Cowden
Simi Valley, California.



"I am a pastor of a church in the small town of Pleasant Garden, NC. The local skateboarders were being chased off every place they went to have some fun. It was brought to our attention by some of our youth so we decided to build a ramp on our property where they could come & enjoy. The main problem we faced was none of us, including a contractor in my church, knew anything about building ramps. I started looking on the web for sites that would give me the information we needed.  After 4 hrs of searching I came across your site. We were blessed to get your book because it showed us we were about to build our ramps all wrong. We followed your instructions & according to the local skateboard riders we have the best 4' & 6' half pipes in the county! We built a transition that allows them to go back & forth between the two. We don't charge & allow them to come 7 days a week during daylight hours. After only 4 weeks of having it finished we have around 50 to 60 skaters coming on a regular basis & they all found out about it by word of mouth. Now they are coming from 20 miles away to use our half pipes."

James Thorne
Pleasant Garden, NC

"GREAT job! Very clear instruction, options, & illustrations. The guide gives you everything from start to finish. I'm a measure 3 times, cut once challenged "carpenter" and I know I can now build a ramp my kids want. If my boys are going on a homemade ramp I want to be sure it is built correctly. Your ramp guide helps accomplish this thus giving me one less thing to worry about when they are skateboarding. The added bonus is getting the right materials in one trip versus making several trips or over-ordering. "

George Williams
Rhode Island

Metal Mini Ramp HalfpipeYour guide was very helpful to us, it gave us a lot of good ideas. Fortunately my father is an engineer and help us a lot to build the ramp with the help of your guide and some workers of my father. The idea was to build the ramp outdoors so we had to replace wood with steel.




Dropping in on a halfpipeMy son Kiah has been having a great time on the half-pipe we built this summer! His friend and mentor, Eric, provided expert help on the actual construction, but he used your guide to do it! Thank you so much for designing a guide that can easily be modified and adapted to each skater's individual vision for their ramp. Kiah and his friends are loving it!!!

Genevieve Gerig



"Your ramp building book was awesome and very helpful. I read the whole thing at work and later that day I felt like I could go build a ramp. The book was very detailed and made a lot of sense and in a way it was baby proof."

 Paul Connors

"Your ramp plans book was well done and well worth the money!"

Jeff Siegfried

"Your plans were very good. I was truly impressed with the step by step ramp instructions."

 Sonja Landry

"My son Bradley Jr. (9 years old) and my daughter Chelsie (7 years old) helped me put the ramp together. We did this by following your instruction guide. The ramp was completed in about 6 1/2 hours. The guide was very detailed and easy to follow. All of the lumber and plywood was cut and predrilled to perfection. This made our job so much more enjoyable. We enjoyed putting the ramp together as a family. My son is really into skateboarding. He loves the ramp and spends 2 to 3 hours a day skateboarding on it."

Bradley Crist



Terminal Raw

East Coast Terminal Skateboard Park was one of the largest indoor skateparks ever built on the east coast, with over 50,000 square feet of skateboarding and BMX enjoyment. BuildARamp.com owner Brandon Cardone was one of the original designers and builders. Many thanks to Kenny Luby for making this video in tribute to East Coast Terminal Skateboard Park and those who skated it and loved it!

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